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Turkish Style Coffee with Cardamom by Hamwi Café - Premium Blend (Extra Cardamom) 200G

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▶ Sooth your senses, feel exotic and enjoy the marvelously deep and smooth taste of Hamwi Café Arabic Coffee with Cardamom. Imagine an Arabic coffee that picks you along with its taste to the historical building, souks, cafes, and to pathways trodden by prophets, companions, righteous, monarchs, leaders, and scholars… you’ll feel like you are in the streets of Damascus.

▶ Taste that mesmerizes souls
Enjoy strong aroma, full body, smooth and joyful aftertaste that evokes memories of the exotics of the Middle East. Whether you call it Arabic, Turkish, Jordanian, Greek, Lebanese, Egyptian or Palestinian, it is the Arabic coffee that’ll always be glorified and loved anywhere in the world

▶ Time-honored tradition since 1951
Drink coffee from a genuine brand coming from the original city of Damascus, with a proper fragrance of the seven-gate city. Hamwi Café’s long family heritage in grinding and roasting coffee beans is now transferred to Dubai where we combine tradition & the newest roasting practices to preserve the unique aroma, flavor, and texture of our authentic Syrian coffee.

▶ Beneficial for the body & mind
Masterfully packed to preserve freshness, you can start your days or refresh your afternoons by traditionally preparing your cup of Arabic coffee. Enhanced with cardamom, this Arab coffee is rich in antioxidants and free of preservatives, which gives your body and mind a potent healthy boost.

▶ Multiple blends and sizes
For those looking for more & potent, we have a version with Extra Cardamom. Look through all offerings before getting your authentic Syrian coffee.

Traditionally served with a glass of ice cold water, you can also add your favorite sweets and desserts for even a more enjoyable coffee drinking experience.

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